A scalable solution for the plastics industry

We offer clients a unique partnership in a technological solution that does not mean the client or brand has to change their existing plastic resins or manufacturing processes, whilst remaining compatible with recycling or bio-based polyolefins.

Currently our network of partners help us improve speed to market, innovation and testing. Some of our partners include:

Our partnerships help us provide numerous points of difference:

Accelerated biodegradability

Proven using ASTM6954 protocol under composting conditions

Partnership and accountability

We work with you in partnership from pilot to testing and validation to scale up


Packaging performance unaffected throughout shelf and use life

GRAS statement

Approved food contact for plastic packaging in US market


Recyclable within the product’s useful life

Migration certification

Declaration of compliance under EU regulation 1 for food contact materials and articles

Simple and cost effective

Easy for any polymer converter to add to process - typically only a 10% on-cost

Eco-toxicity declaration

Tested for land acute and chronic effects on earthworms – OECD 207 & 222 tested for freshwater toxicity – OECD 202

CO2 footprint

No incremental impact when Cycle+ brand was added into existing value chain

H2O footprint

No incremental impact when Cycle+ brand was added into existing value chain

Find out how we are solving the problem:

What is Biotransformation?

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Dr Hery Randrianantoandro

VP, Sales & Marketing

Hery joined Polymateria in September 2018 bringing over 17 years of leadership experience, knowledge and an extended network across the global plastic value chain and the petrochemical industry.

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