The scale and visible nature of the plastic pollution problem has captured grassroots imagination like no other environmental issue

Our origin

Polymateria was set up in 2015 to understand why efforts to address this issue had largely failed and bring together new scientific approaches to scale and address the problem.

We founded Polymateria as we wanted to create a British company with the ambition and capability to be the global leader in solving the world’s fugitive plastic epidemic.

Jonathan & Lee

Fugitive plastics

If current trends continue, the total amount of plastics in the natural environment will reach 4 billion tons by 2050 with packaging accounting for roughly two thirds of this (polypropylene packaging alone accounts for 130 million tons.)

32% of this leakage winds up in the ocean with 68% remaining on land. Reducing the amount of plastics that would end up in the oceans alone by 2050 would cost c 1.6 trillion USD.

4 billion tonnes

of plastics in the natural environment by 2050 if current trends continue

$1.6 trillion

to catch the fugitive plastic that is currently destined to be in our oceans by 2050

Global flow of packaging material (2015)


Tackling leaked post-consumer plastic wastes on land

Fugitive plastic

Littered plastic or plastic leaked out of waste collection system into the natural environment.

4 billion tonnes

Estimated amount of fugitive plastic by 2050.


Plastic found in the ocean which initially comes from leaked waste on land.

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Jonathan Sieff

Founder & Board member

Jonathan has 20 plus years experience across retail, manufacturing and the distribution business, with a special focus on multi-consumer brands and intellectual property.

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Lee Davy-Martin

Founder & Board member

Lee has over 10 years of experience acting as partner within a number of London’s top global accountancy firms.

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