Advancing science to help nature deal with plastic pollution

  • Polymateria exists to help solve the global fugitive plastic problem.
  • We fully support the circular economy and the three-Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) but have also embraced a fourth R: Redesign.
  • Through our proprietary Biotransformation technology, we have developed a new approach to ensuring that plastics that escape from the circular economy can fully biodegrade in the natural environment.

Polymateria’s mission is to advance science to help nature deal with plastic pollution. The scale and visible nature of the plastic pollution problem has captured grassroots imagination like no other environmental issue. Current initiatives are generally populist and reactionary, based on feel-good efforts that capture headlines, but aren’t addressing the full scale of the problem. Consequentially, demonisation of plastic has been normalised with a focus on the end of life phase, and the utility of plastic is being forgotten.

At Polymateria, we fully embrace the circular economy and support the reduction of single-use plastic, the reuse of long-life durable plastic and a more effective recycling system. These all inform where we focus and deploy our technology however, we appreciate that all systems leak, so the 4th ‘R’ is where Polymateria operates: redesign. We transform plastics at the point of manufacture to ensure that the products biodegrade in the natural environment after their useful life.

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