Use-by-date: 1973 > Recycle-by-date: 2020

It’s time for radical change. No more incremental. No more optional. We need to act now, to protect the future of our planet.

In the same way use-by-dates, 50 years ago, provided a very clear mechanism to let people know if produce posed a health risk, recycle-by-dates on all packaging will create an urgency around responsible disposal – with the aim of creating recycle-by dates as a familiar concept globally.

People perform better when they are empowered and have clear goals or a timeframe within which to act. They also respond better when they have an emotional connection with the action they are taking.

We need a zero-waste option for our plastics. And a new norm around recycle-by-dates that drives us forward. This needs to happen in 2020.

That’s why we have launched #RecycleBy. To empower people and capitalise on their sense of urgency to address plastic pollution.

The date by which packaging loses its utility and starts its return to nature can be uniquely set by our new technology which ensures that the most highly littered forms of plastic can successfully biodegrade avoiding microplastic or any other environmental impact.

Through a series of high profile partnerships we will launch #RecycleBy at key events in the global calendar, linking the Global Goals to practical action we can all take, around our most visible environmental issue, plastic pollution.

Speakers and attendees at these events are being asked to earn special #RecycleBy cups, by committing to recycle them by a date that means something to them and to record it online on a special label using the #RecycleBy hashtag.

Want to get involved?

  • Connect with us: LinkedIn / Twitter / Instagram.
  • Post an image of you with a plastic item lacking a “recycle by” date.
  • Use the caption to explain your support for the initiative using the #RecycleBy hashtag.

Find out how our technology works:

What is Biotransformation?

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